It’s Time. The C∆lculations are done.

Rated R has been through a lot. We’ve had a few different leaders, who we have a lot of credit to give. We thank them. We thank all current and previous members. Priestbaz, Dbutta, and myself love this team. We love raiding with all of you, and we feel that it’s time to drop the last “badge” of the first half of this expansion, and rebrand with something that’s us. Therefore, our raid team is now named Calculated. We all bring our own unique calculations to the table, but without combining those calculations, we’re just a bunch of numbers. When we combine those calculations, we’re a function. We’re a function that perseveres and solves/progresses through content.

Thank you. This is to us. This is to Cutting Edge. This is to finishing that up and charging into Azshara strong!

<3 Caly, Priestbaz, Dbutta